Let's Heat Up Your Tub!

Are your heaters damaged and pipes clogged? Look no further, you've found the perfect solution. At Bright Shine Emergency Plumber, we boast a vibrant team that's up and running at all hours of the day. That means you'll get help when it's crucial during emergencies. Also, we offer a lot of services, which our team handles brilliantly. Call us to start enjoying our excellence.

Our Services

We handle an extensive variety of plumbing concerns. They include boiler repair, heating service, water heater installation, and burst pipe repair. The list doesn't end there. Our plumbing service is equally good at HVAC repair and service, clogged toilet repair, furnace repair, drain unblocking, repiping, and tap repair.

Business hours

Our delivery is accessible at all times, from 12am to 12pm.

Service Area

Our plumbing shop is located in Brooklyn, and we render our services throughout Kings County and its suburbs.

Bright Shine Emergency Plumber